Updating A Classic

Casa Kestos’ charm is both timeless and ever-changing. Recent updates to the estate will make returning visitors feel like first time guests as they fall in love with Casa Kestos all over again. Welcome to CasaKestos.com. Explore the site, see the beauty of Casa Kestos and, when the time is right, request a reservation to stay in Sayulita’s gem.

Your First Visit

North of Puerto Vallarta’s bustle, shopping, and amenities, in rural Nayarit, Sayulita village is embraced by a small bay. From town you can see a ten acre estate bounded by radiant beach, dramatic rocks, and lush tropical forest.

As you approach along the private drive, glimpses of azure water, sparkling white sand, and the life-giving sun of paradise flash between the trees. The cobbled courtyard is where you first greet the lovely houses of the estate, perched above the sea, keeping watch as the sun floats over the Pacific ocean.

You step onto the patio and see water lapping the beach, calling you to set your cares aside and sink your feet in the sand. Welcome to Casa Kestos.